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Benefits of Friendship

August is Friendship month and with everything going on around us it's more important than ever to reach out to your network of friends. Many of us are experiencing some degree of social isolation during the Covid-19 pandemic. This makes it even more important to check on those closest to you.

Benefits of Friendship:

1) Friends are a great support system and provide a link to the outside world. Knowing that you're not going through these times alone is very helpful for your state of mind.

2) During times of increased isolation it can be very easy to focus on yourself. While self focus may be helpful to some extent when it's overdone it can cause stress and anxiety. Getting our minds off of ourselves for a bit is healthy.

3) We all need someone who we can be real with. Someone who understands us and will listen to the thoughts in our head.

Reach out to a friend today. It will make you feel good and chances are it will make them feel good, too!


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