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National Depression Screening Month

October is National Depression & Mental Health Screening Month each year. The truth is we can all feel sad, down in the dumps or have trouble with feeling low here and there. But depression interferes with daily life and your ability to function.

If you are experiencing several of the following symptoms provided by you should consider getting a screening. There is relief from depression available.

*Trouble falling, staying asleep or sleeping too much?

*Poor appetite or overeating?

*Feeling sad, anxious or "empty" often?

*Feeling guilty, worthless or hopeless often?

*Loss of interest in activities you/they once enjoyed?

*Thoughts or mentions of suicide?

*Feeling a lack of energy or motivation to do normal activities?

*Trouble concentrating on activities such as reading or watching TV?

*Moving or talking slower than normal? Or being fidgety or restless?

If you are experiencing multiple symptoms the first step is to visit a mental health professional. They will help determine whether or not you are suffering from depression. To schedule an appointment call 402-614-0010 today.


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