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  • Registered Nursing Certificate:

    • Jennie Edmundson College of Nursing 

  • Bachelor's of Nursing Degree:

    • Methodist Allied Health College:

  • Master of Nursing Degree:

    • University of Nebraska Medical Center

LaRae Olsen


Having moved from Idaho in 1990, LaRae had no idea that becoming a Certified Nursing Assistant would lead her into nursing school and to where she is today. After becoming a nurse, she soon developed a deep compassion for individuals with mental illness. LaRae strongly believes that having a mental illness does not define you or who you are, but she knows it can impact your life with multiple symptoms. These symptoms can be mild to severe, changing your mood, your ability to interact socially, and often interfere with your daily life. 


As a provider, her goal is to assist individuals by looking for stressors that trigger symptoms, teach positive coping skills, and utilize therapy to help change negative thinking patterns. When medications are appropriate, LaRae will discuss medications that can assist with symptoms and educate of the side effects so you can make an informed decision. She is passionate about teaching patients about their diagnosis and what that means to them and their life. Primarily, she strives to promote health and wellness by educating on good eating habits, sleep hygiene, and exercise. People often fail to realize taking care of the body is taking care of the mind. She promotes patient-centered care and the mind, body and spirit connection.

LaRae primarily works with adults. She also works with patients who want to reduce benzodiazepines use and utilize better-coping skills in their stead. High doses of benzodiazepines can be counterproductive with long-term use.

In over twenty years in nursing, LaRae has gained vast experience. She has worked in-patient, out-patient, as a Visiting Nurse in the community and as a Nurse Manager in a hospital. Her goal is to work as a team with you and your family, not just a provider handing out a prescription.

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