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Angie Montgomery

Reiki Master, Spiritual Teacher & Executive Coach

Spirituality allows us to live our life in a meaningful and purposeful way by connecting to our inner most guidance and knowing. Along my life path I found my spiritual journey nourishing my soul and leading me to acceptance and healing. When I found Reiki, it opened up new avenues for me to support others along their own journey towards healing, authenticity and wholeness.

Reiki is a form of energy healing which provides clients with deep relaxation, and helps manage stress, and deepen healing and therapeutic experiences. I am drawn to assisting others through grief, loss, trauma, and other life transitions as they reorient themselves to their new reality. The great thing about Reiki is that it is a benefit to anyone at any time of their life. We all benefit from peace, relaxation and connection to ourselves.

I also teach spiritual and meditation classes in a warm and caring environment. I love the discussion and openness from students in class as they explore their path and beliefs opening up to their own divine wisdom. I am also a writer, a speaker and an overall free spirit believing in the power of a holistic approach to a healthy life.

One thing that has remained true in my life is that I love people. I’ve spent the past fifteen years in the Human Resources/Training & Development field where I have enjoyed developing and facilitating leadership programs, executive coaching leaders to enhance self-awareness and foster an environment of growth.


I hold a BS in Management of Human Resources and obtained my Professional in Human Resources Certification. I enjoy public speaking and earned by Competent Communicator and Competent Leader designation through Toastmasters International.