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Marcia Wragge


Life has many transitions that at times may lead us down a journey that may be difficult to navigate on our own. Marcia is a fiercely loyal advocate for her patients to get the support they need during life’s challenges. Marcia enjoys digging into therapy right along with her clients even when it’s messy. Marcia’s realistic approach helps her clients get to the other side of what they’re working through and her confidence in what she does offers strength when it’s needed most.


Marcia enjoys seeing couples, working with adults nearing retirement or in retirement, individuals experiencing gastric pain and discomfort, working with women on their journey towards empowerment and people experiencing trauma. Marcia brings with her training in psychodynamic psychotherapy, feminist therapy, and Gottman Couple’s Therapy Level 2. Marcia has experience treating people struggling with a variety of issues, including: depression; anxiety; trauma; grief; gastric pain, adjusting to life stages; gay & lesbian issues; and communication issues. She has been a psychotherapist since 1996 with her first masters degree in speech/language pathology & has been an SLP for 34 years, working in the public schools for 13 years.


As a psychotherapist & SLP, Marcia is interested in the message people are trying to express, working with people to decode what's trying to be conveyed so understanding can happen. Marcia has over two decades of experience working with couples to identify core issues & work toward resolution, she also works with people as they move toward successful retirement.


If you’re looking for a therapist who is wise, tenacious and will dig into deeper inner work with you, reach out to our office to schedule an appointment at 402-614-0010.